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Class Diagrams

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These class diagrams show various parts of the Jesktop system. A complete diagram would be too messy to show, so sections are shown here.

Class Diagrams


Kernel Class Diagram

This diagram shows the Kernel as an abstract class DesktopKernel and it's implementation DesktopKernelImpl. Also shown are AppLauncher, AppInstaller and ImageRepository with their implementations. These are parts of the Kernel really but have been moved out of the Kernel for reasons of modularity.

Frimble plus FrimbleDemo

Frimble Class Diagram

This diagram shows the Frimble abstract class and it's two final extensions JFrameFrimble and JInternalFrameFrimble. Also shown are FrimbleAware (the interface that some applications will implement) and FrimbleEvent, FrimbleListener & FrimbleAdapter (the event handling helper classes). Lastly FrimbleDemo shows an app that implements FrimbleAware.

Example Window Managers

Window Managers Class Diagram

Very much a work in progress, this diagram shows the test implementations of the WindowManager interface. All are working to various degrees, but only WindozeWindowManager is being polished. At some point the useful common code will be rolled in to a new class called AbstractWindowManager and the other window managers (that still have merit) moved to separate packages.

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