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Where Jesktop is heading

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The future

We see ourselves extending the functionality of the desktop itself. All of these features are planned.

  • Multi lingual desktop.
  • User login and log out
  • Improved Mime type support - Mime type aware panels will be usable in The File browser and web browser
  • New Window Managers. - Mac, Next, Amiga, Beos....
  • Hot Window Manager changing (just like KDE, Gnome etc. under linux) - log off, choose new WM, log in.
  • Patching of AWT usage to Swing - this will allow Java 1 applet support without the well known "heavyweight component in lightweight container" feature/bug.
  • Support for Tear-off Applets - In your browser, choose "tear-off applet" while mouse is over applet in web page - this will install that applet as an app, and not require that you are subsequently connected to the internet to use it.
  • Remote usage, Connect via an remote stub application, applet, or remote Java Web Start (TM) app.
  • Better control of window positions and size at launch.
  • More Shells. - Ant may well be improved soon so that all of its commands can be invoked from a command line type console inside Jesktop. - we will also have commands that are NanoContainer and Jesktop specific e.g. "Shutdown".
  • Security polices for Jars. - things like clock that require no special resources, can run inside a sandbox. - other applications can ask for permission to read/write to specific directories and other permissions.
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