Jesktop History of Changes

Jesktop 2.0 (Feb 17, 2004)

  • update Not dead, just sleeping. This is what happens when you join ThoughtWorks. Oh that and move this puppy to PicoContainer / NanoContainer from Avalon. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 21) (Jan 14, 2002)

  • update Move to sourceforge (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 21) (Oct 13, 2001)

  • update Bug fixes for Control panel. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 20) (Oct 6, 2001)

  • update Automatic app installation during boot. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 19) (Sept 6, 2001)

  • update Implementation moves to Apache, and becomes part of the Cornerstone project. Interfaces (API) stay at (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 16) (Aug 18, 2001)

  • update Beanshell updated to 1.2b1, Avalon updated to version of the 18th Aug version. Upgraded Decorators (OYOAHA and Skin). Control Panel and Configlets introduced. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 13) (May 23, 2001)

  • update Beanshell updated to 1.1alpha8, Avalon updated to version of the 22nd May version (post 4.0beta1). New applications JCDSee, JFileManager. Separation of Jesktop and it's dependant applications. Revamped JDK Demos. New Decorator (using OYOAHA look and feel). New version of Ant. Launch of website. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 12) (Mar 29, 2001)

  • update Beanshell updated to alpha5, Avalon updated to tonight's version. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 11) (Mar 21, 2001)

  • update FrimbleDemo3 started - Java Web Start Compatible (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 10) (Mar 21, 2001)

  • update XBrowser Complete and indexed from website. Lots of thanks to Armond for his help. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 8) (Mar 11, 2001)

  • update Frimble changed again. JFrimble (at Armonds suggestion) being extendible makes app coding easier. William has made changes to clock to facilitate geater efforts. Concept of single instance app introduced. Developer docs forked off into their own book. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 7) (Feb 21, 2001)

  • update Frimble changed. JFrimbleDialog class instead of makeJDialog() method. Should only affect uses of JDialog. Suggestion of Armond Avanes - lead developer of XBrowser. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 6) (Feb 18, 2001)

  • update Beanshell upgraded to version 1.1alpha4 from 1.0beta. New .bsh scripts to interact with Jesktop. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha 5) (Feb 11, 2001)

  • update Jipe and JPad added as new ported applications. (PH)

Jesktop 1.0 (alpha development) (Dec 2000)

  • update First Jesktop implementation. (WB)